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Care Not Kill

Join the campaign against euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada! This is an important way to stand up for the rights and dignity of all human life. Together, we can help ensure that every person in our society is treated with the respect and compassion they deserve, even in their final days.

Care Not Kill Collection

God Keep Our Land

"God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free" is the closing line of the national anthem. The phrase is a patriotic expression that represents Canadians' desire for our country to always remain glorious and free under God's guidance and protection. Join us in this prayer for our nation!

God Keep Our Land Collection

Imago Dei

Created in the Image of God. This concept has improved Christian nations' laws for centuries, empowering citizens to advocate for the marginalized, including pre-born children, the disabled, and those with identity confusion. The Imago Dei guides and motivates Christians to speak up for justice and equality, creating a legacy for God's glory and the good of Canadians.

Imago Dei Collection

We Need A Law

Canada has no abortion laws. Wearing clothing with pro-life messages can start important conversations about the human rights of the pre-born. By showing that human life has value from its earliest stages, we can shift the conversation from one of personal choice to one of social responsibility, and raise awareness about this important issue.

We Need A Law Collection